Opinion Poll: Should support forums be open for other regions/areas to read

IMPORTANT – I Need Your Opinions

Please take the following poll to let me know how you think this forums site should work:

Should the sales team for each country/region be able to read problems/issues in other countries/regions?

These polls are anonymous, so vote honestly! :sunglasses:

For example, say an OSD for Thailand, should he/she be able to see problems for, say, Indonesia? Or Europe?

  • Yes!
  • No!
  • Maybe…

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Note: Currently, all OSD and CSD can see everything, but country team members are restricted to their own countries.

Last chance to vote…

Reminder: Poll closing by end of this week.

1,欧洲见美国有这个问题,会怀疑自己的机 会否也有同样问题?然后不停的问问问。
阴谋论 :joy:

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其實有個功能,是讓管理員把一些不當的主題抽出來變成私聊 message,但只是管理員或樓主可以用此功能。




讓其他國家看到解決方案,有助資信交換及即時解決問題。技術部也不用同樣的問題解答數次 (發一條鍵結即可)。

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Thank you all for your votes.

I’ve opened up read access for all CH members. Agents will continue to be restricted only to their own country, for now.